aPerf® board

Novel absorbent acoustic panel with unique inherent stability.

aPerf® board  is a novel and self-supporting acoustic panel made of recyclable polyester fibers with a compact surface. An innovative special process gives aPerf® board its unique inherent stability. aPerf® board does not require a frame or (fabric) covering. The acoustic panels are allergy-friendly, as they are free of glass wool, asbestos, formaldehyde or chemical binders, and also do not produce fine dust particles, mites or lint.

Facts aPerf® board 

  • Data sheet aPerf® board Performance (PDF download)
  • manufactured in the EU, unique inherent stability, allergy friendly
  • Raw panels partly made of recycled PET bottles and are 100% recyclable
  • First-class absorption values (class A), fire class B1, large panel formats 3 x 2 m
  • Universal processing possibilities (like chipboard), raw material complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – product class 1 (for baby articles)
  • Indoor climate & air quality are positively influenced – air quality measurements for eco-verification show excellent measured values
  • Printable and spray application possible in any color (e.g. RAL or NCS)
  • aPerf®board 25 has a ball impact safety certificate and is even suitable for gymnasiums


aPerf® board panels are available in the following basic colors:
Warm White, Light Gray, Felt Look, Anthracite, Black Matte.

aPerf® board raw panels are available in the dimensions 3070 x 2070 mm as follows:
aPerf® board 12/2000: All standard colors
aPerf® board 25/3000: Warm white, light gray, felt look
aPerf® board 40/3000: Warm white*, light gray, felt look

aPerf® board 19/4000: Warm white, felt look
aPerf® board 25/4000: all standard colors*
aPerf® board 40/4000: Light gray, felt look, anthracite, black matt,
*in the color warm white also available in the size 2470 mm x 1270 mm. Other raw panels on request.