Light-transmitting, acoustically effective plastic honeycomb.

ClearPerf® is a translucent and acoustically effective plastic honeycomb that excellently combines the properties of translucency with shielding and sound absorption. Whether transparent or matte with a slight privacy screen, ClearPerf® ensures pleasant lighting conditions and excellent room acoustics.


Facts ClearPerf®

  • translucent, acoustically effective plastic honeycomb with 40,000 micro-holes/m²
  • the slightly glossy surface completes the clear appearance
  • due to its low weight, ClearPerf®-pure is very easy to assemble and disassemble and is still stable
  • all ClearPerf® brand acoustic elements are textile-free, lint-free and therefore allergy-friendly
  • ClearPerf®-pure can also be combined with aPerf® and SmartPerf® materials