Room acoustics material

For perfect room acoustics tailored to the respective requirements, the choice of the right materials, their interaction and placement in the room is crucial. BK Raumakustik can do that. Through expertise and through the following materials.


aPerf® – novel and self-supporting acoustic panels made of recyclable polyester fibers with a compact surface. Due to its unique inherent stability, aPerf® does not require a frame or (fabric) covering and is also allergy-friendly.


Novel, inherently stable, double-sided absorbent acoustic panel.

The core of SmartPerf® consists of recyclable polyester fibers pressed together using a special process. SmartPerf® is inherently stable, highly absorbent and flame retardant.


The translucent and acoustically effective ClearPerf® plastic honeycomb combines excellent room acoustics with pleasant lighting conditions. Available in matt with light privacy screen or transparent.


ClearPerf®- pure

ClearPerf®-pure is a honeycomb element made of plastic – allergy-friendly and easy to clean. Thanks to its microperforated surface, ClearPerf®-pure additionally contributes to absorption while appearing light and airy.


Acoustic element made of steel, highly absorbent and printable.

SonoPerf® is an acoustic sheet made of steel that can be individually printed and specifically reduces the reverberation time across all frequencies. Additional advantage: SonoPerf® offers the perfect look for modern building styles.