Room acoustics products

Diverse, highly absorbent products for better room acoustics. Gone are the days when acoustic products were also immediately recognized as such and served exclusively for noise insulation. With frameless acoustic pictures, for example, you reduce noise with your personally selected wall decoration.

  • aPerf® board pictures are almost limitless in size, environmentally friendly and highly absorbent
  • the micro-perforated laminate layer of the SmarPerf® pictures has an optically closed effect and is easy to clean
  • the design-awarded SonoPerf® images made of steel are filigree in appearance and robust in use

Ceiling elements

Highly absorbent, impact-resistant or translucent and lightweight.

  • Acoustic ceilings with aPerf® board: The large-format acoustic panels aPerf® board 25 can be used to line gymnasiums, classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, etc. without joints.
  • Elegant, inherently stable ceiling elements with SmartPerf®: The high-quality and discreet solution that makes an impression
  • Light-permeable acoustic ceiling with ClearPerf®: Mounted below the light fixtures, ClearPerf® provides light and quietness

Partition walls and table tops

In the open-space sector, it has been clear since the new DIN standard at the latest that reducing the reverberation time alone is not enough to create a concentrated working environment. Just as important is the reduction of speech intelligibility between the individual workstations, near-field shielding or the reduction of direct sound. Our absorbent movable walls and table tops shield and provide discretion, organize spaces and serve as design elements. They are used wherever acoustic separation is desired. For example, between double workstations, in call centers, as shielding for printers or coffee machines, between tables in catering areas or in counter halls.

We offer different materials for individual use:

Böcking Kemmerling RaumakustikaPerf® board

The ecological solution. 100% recyclable, highly absorbent and easy on the budget. With aPerf® board, visual distraction is combated and discretion is created. The acoustic panels are allergy friendly, free of glass wool, asbestos, formaldehyde or chemical binders and do not cause fine dust particles, mites or lint.

Böcking Kemmerling RaumakustikaPerf® board colour

Proven room acoustics with color. The core consists of aPerf®board-25mm/3,000g/m2 anthracite, while the surface is made of 100% through-dyed polyester. Naturally without chemical binders and certified by ecobau. Bring feel-good color and warmth into your rooms with one of the eight color nuances!

Böcking Kemmerling RaumakustikLinePerf®

The symbiosis of design and technology. LinePerf® uses the proven technology of aPerf® board and combines it with a modern, minimalist design. The highly absorbent carrier board is made of sustainable polyester fibers produced in Europe and is coated on one side with a decor in oak wood look.

Böcking Kemmerling RaumakustikSmartPerf®

Elegant, discreet and allergy-friendly. SmartPerf® not only convinces with its noble look, it also scores with highest absorption and does not produce fine dust or lint. SmartPerf® enables the industrial production of acoustic furniture and can be individually printed and also used as an image.

Böcking Kemmerling RaumakustikClearPerf®

The translucent acoustic solution. Comfortable room acoustics and pleasant lighting conditions are essential for efficient working and for well-being. Our ClearPerf® products are available with high transparency or matte with light privacy. ClearPerf® can even be combined with SmartPerf® or aPerf® board!

Böcking Kemmerling RaumakustikSonoPerf®

The acoustic sheet made of steel. Thanks to micro-slitting, it specifically reduces the reverberation time across all frequencies. SonoPerf® can be individually printed and, thanks to its visually closed surface, is an excellent match for modern architectural styles. SonoPerf®: You can hear the acoustic effect – but you can’t see it!

Wall elements

Made of printed steel or elegant acoustic fabric. Wherever modern, sound-reflecting building materials radiate stylish looks, quality absorbers from aPerf® board or SmartPerf® provide the right acoustics.

Places of application are:

  • Counter halls and customer centers
  • Stairwells
  • Meeting rooms, reception rooms
  • Private lofts
  • Salesrooms
  • Hair salons
  • Hotel lobbies


Choose between SmartPerf® acoustic elements, the laminate-coated acoustic panel with a sophisticated look, or the environmentally friendly aPerf® board elements made of partially recyclable PET. Use the walls for room acoustics!