Planning support for architects and interior designers

The demands placed on the workplace have changed constantly since the use of the typewriter and are undergoing a permanent transformation as a result of new media. The megatrend “New Work” plays a decisive role in the future planning of rooms. Whereas in the past the noise level in a multi-person office was high, but speech intelligibility low, today we have a relatively quiet workplace, measured against the work equipment used, but very high speech intelligibility. Everyone understands everyone else, we disturb each other. It is a proven fact that the phenomenon of “being constantly in one’s ear” reduces concentration, increases distraction and error rates.

To run a business economically, we invest in machines and personnel. In industry, it is a matter of course that the expensively purchased machinery is optimized and maintained to the highest efficiency. But how do we prevent the loss of performance and inefficiency of our most valuable investment – our employees? What do we do for health and well-being in the workplace?

BK Raumakustik GmbH supports you as a planner in designing rooms so that they function and employees and employers are satisfied. The materials for this are: aPerf® board, SmartPerf®, ClearPerf® and SonoPerf®.

Room acoustics solutions from a single source

From planning to implementation. You can put together the building blocks of the project. We accompany you with our extensive network of experienced partners.

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