Room acoustics solutions for open plan offices and open space

With our years of experience in improving room acoustics in open-plan offices and open space, as well as our coordinated products, we optimize room acoustics according to the latest requirements for multi-person offices in open space (in accordance with VDI guidelines). When it comes to design, we fulfill your individual customer wishes. Our specialty: Acoustic total solutions in the context of interior design.

Subsequent acoustic optimization

Our strengths also include the subsequent optimization of acoustics. In the event of restructuring, different room use, relocation and new demands on acoustics, we ensure acoustic well-being even without structural measures. Most of our sound absorbers can be adapted again and again to meet changing needs. Many acoustic elements are also integrated directly at the workplace and not built into the premises.

Innovation and development

In our search for ever more innovations, we are constantly discovering and developing new types of acoustic materials. This gives rise to our sound-absorbing quality products. The materials aPerf® board, SmartPerf®, ClearPerf® and SonoPerf® form the brands of the respective premium product lines.

  • Would you like to improve your room acoustics?
  • Do you find the noise level in your open-plan office disturbing?
  • You want customized solutions with sustainable materials?