Room acoustics solutions for universities, schools and daycare centers

Often there are many children in one room in daycare centers and schools, and countless students and teachers in the university – this means a high noise level from which both the children and the adults suffer.

Noise harms health

Constant noise can lead to inner restlessness and an increased stress level in the educational or teaching staff, which in the worst case can lead to burnout. In children and students, attention is disturbed, audibility is reduced and blood pressure increases. This leads to fatigue, decreased motivation and lack of interest in communication and social contacts.

Suitable acoustic concepts for your needs

A sustainable and efficient solution is a room acoustics concept individually tailored to the respective rooms with the right materials and elements.

Recyclable, allergy-friendly, fire- and ball-proof

In addition to the primary effect of improving room acoustics, the sound and acoustic absorbers from BK Raumakustik have the following features, which are perfectly suited for universities, schools and daycare centers:

  • Data sheet aPerf® Performance (PDF as download)
  • first-class absorption values (class A)
  • raw panels are partly made of recycled PET bottles and are 100% recyclable
  • fire class B1
  • allergy friendly
  • the raw material used complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – product class 1 (for baby products)
  • the indoor climate and air quality are positively influenced; air quality measurements for the eco-verification show
  • excellent measured values

Our special acoustic absorbers protect your health, provide pleasant room acoustics and thus more concentration and peace.

  • You would like to improve your room acoustics?
    Do you find the noise level in your building disturbing?
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