Innovative, inherently stable acoustic panel that absorbs sound on both sides. The core is made of recyclable polyester fibres that are pressed together using a special process. The result is an inherently stable, highly absorbent panel that contains neither chemical binders nor mineral wool and is flame retardant. This core board is covered with a micro-perforated laminate layer.

Facts SmartPerf®

  • industrial production of acoustic furniture possible
  • simple, inexpensive and resource-saving production of mobile absorbers (simpler cuts, fewer parts)
  • highly absorbent semi-finished product
  • flame-retardant core
  • washable, does not form fine dust particles, can be disinfected
  • resistant to moisture and ageing
  • toxicologically safe (without chemical binders)
  • can be individually printed and also used as a picture

Data sheet ClearPerf®