Acoustic element made of steel, highly absorbent and printable.

The material SonoPerf® is an acoustic sheet made of steel. Thanks to micro-slitting, it specifically reduces the reverberation time across all frequencies. SonoPerf® can be individually printed and, thanks to its visually closed surface, is an excellent match for modern architectural styles. SonoPerf®: You can hear the acoustic effect – but you can’t see it!

Facts SonoPerf®

  • highest absorption (class A)
  • individually printable
  • due to the only 0.3 mm wide micro-slits, the surface appears visually closed even from a short distance away
  • washable and easy to clean
  • high stability
  • durable and solid
  • honored with the Design Award
  • visually and acoustically superior privacy screen

Data sheet SonoPerf®