The industrial sector has more specific noise protection requirements. Mr. Peter Kemmerling is familiar with these problems from his many years of employment in leading positions in industry. Particularly in large factory, assembly and production halls, work and machine noise is distributed across the hard floor and ceiling. Without appropriate acoustic absorbers, employees are permanently exposed to extremely high noise levels from the factory equipment. Industrial employers must therefore ensure that their production facilities are acoustically insulated. Thanks to our innovative materials, we can find a solution for almost any acoustic problem in an industrial environment.

Employers are obliged to comply with legally prescribed noise protection requirements. Noise protection is anchored in the Noise and Vibration Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance, which is based on the Occupational Health and Safety Act. With acoustic solutions and sound absorbers such as aPerf® board, you ensure compliance with the legally prescribed noise protection and also create a positive acoustic room climate. In this way, you create a healthy working environment for your employees that promotes productivity.

  • Low noise level increases productivity: promotion of performance and increase of concentration, error rate decreases
  • Sound absorbers minimize health hazards for employees: less stress and fewer absenteeism days
  • Higher employee motivation and increasing company success
  • Noise and vibration occupational health and safety regulations are complied with
  • Sound absorbers meet fire protection requirements

Break areas

The break room, the cafeteria, the rest room or any other room that is made available to employees to recover from work during break times also requires acoustic consideration. Recovery periods are important. Promote not only health, but also serve the working atmosphere. A well-functioning recreation room, where people like to spend time, is good for the working atmosphere.

  • Would you like to improve your room acoustics?
  • Do you find the noise level in your industrial buildings disturbing?
  • You want customized solutions with sustainable materials?